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Quantity of Physical Cards
Do you need a Design?

Perfect for thank you cards, postcards, coupon cards, headband holders, etc

♡ Price reflects quantity purchased (see variations above)
♡ Printed within 24 hrs of purchasing
♡ Single and Double sided print options available (same price)
♡ Printed on high quality cardstock
♡ Provide info needed for custom design if applicable (your logo, picture, information, etc) - email to LillyBellePaperie@gmail.com
♡ MUST send 300dpi file if applicable
♡ $10 Priority Shipping

Larger Quantities available upon request

★ Custom Orders available upon request (see link below for custom design)
★ Appearance of colors may slightly vary from screen to screen

Custom Made for You

Our goal to provide affordable marketing materials to help you grow your small business. Providing great customer service is always our top priority. By purchasing at Lilly Belle Paperie rather than a large corporations, our products are higher quality and have a quicker turnaround time, both of which benefit you!

Why is branding so important?

Unlike large retailers, small business are unique in terms that they offer valuable and custom products.  That's why it's important to stand out from the crowd.  By including cohesive packaging such as custom business cards, thank you stickers/cards, etc., customers are not only more likely to buy something else, but refer their friends and family to your shop!

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Package to Impress

The first impression of your brand is critical for customers as it establishes your professionalism and credibility as a small business owner. While it's the starting point to creating a long-lasting relationship, customers will experience your packaging before they see your product. This is your opportunity to impress and stand out so your customers build a memorable experience that will keep them coming back to you!

Thank your customers

Give customers an opportunity to keep coming back. Having a call-to-action, whether it be coupon, engaging on social media, or subscribing to a newsletter, allows your customers to state engaged with your brand. The more people who see your brand, the more likely they are to remember you and either spread the word or keep coming back.