Editing Instructions for Corjl

We are thrilled to partner with Corjl, a FREE online editing platform that allows you to instantly edit any of our printable templates.



Once your order has processed, Corjl will immediately send an email message to your inbox.  The message will contain a link, which will prompt you to either login or create a free account to access your template.  You can also go directly to corjl.com to access your templates with your email and order number.

Below are some instructions we've created instructions below to help you easily edit and download your template.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to message us and we will respond as soon as possible!



PERSONALIZE - Double click directly onto the text you want to personalize to change/delete. You can also personalize text by selecting it, then typing in the text box located in the tools panel (upper RH side of the page). 

FONT - Select the text you want to change and click the fonts drop-down box in the tools panel. You can select any premium font; fonts will vary based on the template you're editing.

COLOR - Select the text you want to change and click on the color rectangle in the tools panel to choose a new color or select a color from the provide color palette (if provided). You can also select a color from the design directly by clicking on a colored area with the “eye dropper” tool.

SIZE - Select the text you want to resize, then choose a number or enter it in the drop-down box in the tools panel.

CHARACTER & LINE SPACING - Adjust the spacing between letters/lines. Select the text you want to change, then click on the line or height spacing icons and adjust using the sliding bars or by manually entering a number



To access these features, click on Style Text in the tools panel and select the desired styles.

DROP SHADOW -  Change the color, offsets and blur of the shadow.

STROKE (outline) - Change the color, distance (thickness) and opacity of the outline.

CURVED - Select the text you want to curve and select either a full Circle shape or an Arc.  Adjust the degree of curve you want with the slider tool.

OUTER GLOW - Change the color and distance (thickness) of the glow.

GRADIENT - Select a start and end color in the color boxes (or choose Transparent), then adjust the angle of the gradient using the circular dial.

OPACITY - Enter a number or use the slide bar to adjust the opacity.

ROTATION – Select the text box you wish to rotate and use the slider to rotate the text the desired amount. You can also rotate text by hovering the mouse over the small white circle at the top of the text box until a circular arrow appears and circling the mouse.



SAVE - When you are done with your changes to the design, click on the Save Changes button that is located on the far left of the page. If there is a red star (*) next to the title of the design, it means that there are changes that have not been saved. Once you download the file, it cannot be edited.  You will have to return to Corjl and make the additional changes before re-downloading the file.


Downloading your File:

.PDF FILE - recommended for home printing

○ PAPER SIZE - If downloading as a PDF, select the paper size. The size of the design will remain the same regardless of the paper size chosen.

○ ENABLE MULTIPLES PER PAGE - Select Print Multiples Per Page If Possible and the design will download with multiple copies onto the designated paper, if desired.

○ DOWNLOAD & PRINT - Click the Download PDF button to download.  After downloading, find the file in your Downloads folder on your device. If you are printing at home, be sure that the file prints at 100% or Actual Size in the print settings (Scale to Fit). If you are printing at a print shop, save the file to a USB flash drive, SD card or email depending on the printer’s requirements.