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  • Your baby is soundly sleeping at night. Want to know the secret - you read him/her your favorite book from the library you started thanks to your special guests. Let your baby shower gifts give you something memorable that any baby can't outgrow; but rather, will grow up with them!

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Mix and match

With a variety of trending colors, choose a color that best matches your theme! Or, mix and match to add small pops of color to your event! Custom colors can be accommodated.

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Cupcake toppers or stickers - you choose!

Either way, these are a fun and cute addition to any dessert or party favor table. These little decorations are perfect for decorating cupcakes, cakes, cookies, or other baked goods. They are also a great way to add a playful and unique touch, while showcasing your love for these adorable and slow-moving creatures.

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Books for baby

There are many advantages to babies having books, including the development of early literacy skills and a love of reading. Reading to babies from a young age can help them develop stronger language skills, as they are exposed to new words, sounds, and sentence structures.

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Instantly Customize your digital template

With the computer at your fingertips, take advantage of a free online program that instantly allows you to edit a digital template. Within minutes, you can personalize and print your invites! If you need printed invitations, we will customize the design for you!