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  • Do you have top secret clearance for a special birthday or event? If so, you'll need to scan your unique fingerprints to verify your identity and ensure your clearance level in order to enter! Only those with proper validation will be able to solve a top secret birthday mission!

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Unleash your inner spy

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Every secret agent deserves their own code name

What makes a secret agent?  A top-secret code name! Our printable code name chart is perfect for any top-secret mission. Your code name can help protect you and your mission to keep opponents from finding out your real identity! Create your special code name based on the first letter of your first and last name - and don’t share it with anyone! Each name is gender neutral so it’s perfect for boys and girls.

Print from your own international spy agency

Our high-quality, printable designs feature a sleek and professional templates for your birthday birthday. Simply print them out on cardstock, and cut if desired before use!